It wasn’t until his mid teens that “Skyscraper” Stan Woodhouse first turned his attention to

songwriting. Working nights at a basement venue in his hometown, Stan found himself

thrust into the limelight after the proprietor heard him singing over a mop bucket. The next

two years were spent bouncing between the bar and the stage by night and sleeping in

University lecture halls by day.


Stan relocated to Melbourne under the pretence of completing his zoology degree. Which

he did, halfheartedly, and all the while moonlighting as a troubadour. The expansive

emptiness of Australia has served as a great inspiration to Stan’s songwriting, particularly his

observational lyricism Most at home on the Hume Highway or any of the other tarmac

ribbons criss crossing the country, Stan tours extensively, often alone, visiting forgotten

Australian townships and sleeping on the roadside. He has performed at major festivals and

appeared alongside Diesel, The Church, James Reyne, Ian Moss, CW Stoneking and many



A gaunt 6’6”, Stan cuts an ominous figure on stage and has developed a loyal national

following through his charismatic live performance, both solo; "In half an hour, Skyscraper

Stan stole the evening, his songs complex and engaging" - 13th Floor, and with his band the

Commission Flats; "A towering and compelling figure with an allure that could rival Nick

Cave" – Something You Said.


His debut album “Last Year’s Tune” was released in March 2015 under the “Skyscraper Stan

and the Commission Flats” moniker. A solo record “Live at Some Velvet Morning” was

released in March 2017.


“Skyscraper Stan Woodhouse is a revelation” – The Sydney Morning Herald


“Inspiration, talent and a singular musical vision. Last Year’s Tune is a tremendously
rewarding listen” – New Zealand Musician Magazine


“Just as quickly as you think you have Skyscraper Stan & the Commission Flats pinned down,
the sheet is pulled out from under you” – Forte Magazine


LAST YEAR's tune