Skyscraper Stan

"Skyscraper Stan is a revelation" - The Sydney Morning Herald

"One part Hank Williams, two parts Nick Cave" - Sunday Star Times

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Tarcutta Shade is the lead single from Skyscraper Stan’s second studio album “Golden Boy” due for release in May 2019. Stan and the Commission Flats will be touring nationally over November/December 2018 to celebrate its release.

Dole Queues and Dunhill Blues is a song from the darker side of Stan's repertoire. Over choppy guitar and a relentless rhythm the lyrics spell out the story of a man turned monster by circumstance. 

"Dole Queues" is the latest single from Skyscraper Stan and will appear on the upcoming album - Golden Boy.

'On Your Corner' is the latest single from touring troubadour Skyscraper Stan, and lifted from his forthcoming second album Golden Boy (due for release in May).

As the songwriter himself says when introducing this track at live shows “this is a song about the unequal distribution of emotional labour in romantic relationships”. Written in a Darwin hotel room halfway through a gruelling solo tour and recorded at Woodstock studios in Melbourne it is typical of Stan’s lyrical work - rich in imagery, honest, heart wrenching and at times a little tongue in cheek. Marlon Williams-esque in tone and instrumentation, Stan's echoey voice drifts across a moody score of percussion, twangy guitar and choral backing vocals.



“Skyscraper” Stan Woodhouse is a songwriter lauded for his observational lyricism - a cocktail of wit and grit delivered in a versatile baritone. Now, three years after the release of a his debut record Last Years Tune and thanks to a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign he is set to release studio album number two; Golden Boy. Split over two volumes the album has a light and a dark side. Ten songs follow the artist and a cast of characters through the tribulations of adapting to a changing world. Golden Boy is due for release in February 2019.


As a touring musician based out of Central Victoria Stan spends upwards of half the year on the road. His regional tours have taken him to every state and territory in Australia, from Katherine to Hobart. Originally classing himself as a country musician his earlier influences included pre-war blues, the Laurel Canyon songwriters, Nick Cave and Sam Cooke. Since arriving in Australia from New Zealand in 2009 The Drones, Peep Tempel and Paul Kelly among others have been added to the list.  


His debut studio album, Last Year’s Tune, received 4 stars in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Sunday Herald (New Zealand) and No Depression (US) and five stars in New Zealand Musician Magazine. Since its release Stan has toured Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam, released a live album and written a song for academy award long-listed documentary 25 April. He has shared bills with artists such as Marlon Williams, The Troggs, The Animals, The Church and C W Stoneking and has appeared at major festivals around Australia.


Stan's touring band, known to fans as the Commission Flats, are the backbone of the studio sound. Upfront in the mix is Stan's cousin Oskar Herbig on lead guitar. Son to one of New Zealand's premier classical guitarists, Oskar carries musicality in his blood. Simultaneously audacious and smooth, his approach to the instrument has garnered him a fanbase of his own - one that includes Davey Lane of You Am I who hasn't been shy in naming Oskar his favourite guitar player in Melbourne.

The rhythm section comprises Martin Schilov on bass and Christopher Windley on the drums. Martin has toured Europe with Dan Brody and the Grieving Widows and has been covering ground in Australia with Stan for the last four years. Most importantly - coming from a background of punk and hardcore - Martin brings black t-shirts and grit to the party. Christopher is one of the hardest working players in town. He's performed and recorded with acts as twisted as Mangelwurzel and as classic as Dallas Frasca.


“Woodhouse specialises in sad songs that make you feel good, heavy on cunning wordplay, rattling snare and twangy guitars”

- Stuff

“Try to imagine Stan Ridgeway, Daniel Romano, Nick Cave and Otis Redding working together in a band”

- Spill Magazine

“His second studio album sees the poetic narrator visit a fractured society from the fringes. His vocals stride variously, befitting the light or shade of the contrasting ‘volumes’”

- Forte Magazine

“There’s still a lot of “the road” in his storytelling, but Woodhouse has definitely moved on from his rambling, swag-sleeping days, and his music is all the better for it”

- New Zealand Listener

“…his explicit and selective detail forms distinct landscapes into which the listener is readily drawn, and carried away by”

- New Zealand Musician Magazine

"...inspiration, talent and a singular musical vision. ‘Last Year’s Tune’ is a tremendously rewarding listen"

- New Zealand Musician Magazine


"Just as quickly as you think you have Skyscraper Stan & the Commission Flats pinned down, the sheet is pulled out from under you"

- Forte Magazine


"... this is an album that delivers on every level it’s possible to deliver on; you need to hear it."

- No Depression

Dole Queues and Dunhill Blues official video

SKYSCRAPER STAN performs the song "I FELL OVER" for BalconyTV.



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